High-speed internet for your home or business

The Connected Home offers Viasat Satellite Internet. Viasat Satellite Internet is available where you live. If you can get Satellite TV, chances are you can Viasat Internet.

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Internet Service

Focused Features

Viasat Internet offers up to a 100 Mbps connection speed for downloads and a 3 Mbps speed for sending files, sharing photos, and video chatting. Similar to cellphone users, Viasat Internet users can choose from 12 GB, 15GB, 25GB or unlimited GB data plans for emailing, browsing, and streaming video and music.

  • Stream more of your favorite entertainment
  • Affordable plan options to fit your needs
  • Say no to slow with super-fast speeds

Phone Service

With Visat Voice, enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling in the United States and Canada. Viasat Voice includes voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID, among other features. You can even keep your existing phone number.

  • Get unlimited local and long distance calling to destinations in all 50 states, plus Canada.
  • Enjoy great call quality plus voicemail, call waiting, caller ID and many other popular features.
  • Save money over traditional landline phone service.
  • Transfer your current phone number (in most cases) or get a new phone number – your choice.

  • Use of voice will not count towards your Viasat data allowance.

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